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Dear Deputy,

I am concerned that there seems to be overwhelming support for the Children and Family Relationships Bill 2014 and that it is being acclaimed as a step forward in the rights of unmarried fathers whereas in fact, it is the opposite.

At the moment, an unmarried father can become a Legal Guardian to his child by

1) Marrying the mother of his child and adopting ...

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Separated father awarded 4,000 euro after being told not to attend his daughters sports day

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In this dispute, a father said that his daughter was enrolled in a school without his knowledge or consent by his estranged wife and he initiated a complaint to the Equality Tribunal. However this matter was resolved at mediation and the case was withdrawn from the Tribunal.

However, on the 23rd of May 2013, he said that he received an email from the school informing him that the school sports were scheduled to take place on the 24th of May 2013. He submitted that he got very late notif...

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Two successful Equality Tribunal cases by fathers

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The case DEC-S2013-009 concerns a claim by a separated father of two children that he was discriminated against on the gender, marital status (now civil status), family status, religion, and race and victimisation grounds in relation to the provision of a service by the respondent in that the respondent refused to give him information about his children.


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Fathers Day protest at Enda Kennys House

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Fathers Rights Groups from all over Ireland protesting outside Enda Kenny's house in Castlebar on Fathers Day 16th June 2013,  in objection to the 'in-camera' rule (Secret Courts). Joseph A. Egan handed in a letter seeking Transparency in the Family Courts in Ireland and an end to the Secrecy. Also, calling for Children to need both PARENTS and Children need parents, not Visitors. — with Joseph A Egan and Fathers Rights Ireland Archive in Castlebar, Mayo.


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Bi Election in East Meath

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Immediately after the announcement of the Bi-Election in East Meath, the declared candidates were sent the folowing E-mail:

"Following the announcement that you are to stand in the East Meath By-Election, Equality For Fathers in Ireland would like to know your position on the lack of parental rights for fathers in Ireland, as highlighted in articles HERE...

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What are BARNARDOS trying to hide?

Posted on October 8, 2012 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (1)

During the referendum on Childrens Rights campaign, Barnardos posted the following on their Facebook page HERE

Barnardos Guardian ad Litems are fully qualified, trained and vetted to work with the child (regardless of their age). They also work with the child's family to ensure that an accurate picture is painted and avoid situations where children’s views could be influen...

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Inhumane Family Courts

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The article in the Irish Examiner ‘More humane’ family courts planned claimed that Families and  children caught up in legal disputes will have a more humane, less costly, and more expert court system under proposed constitutional reforms. This is an admission that the current system is not humane, is excessively costly and does not have ...

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Equality for all -- unless you're a dad

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Why is discrimination against fathers so widely acceptable -- and what's being done about it,

asks Cathal Garvey.

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Questions for Presidential Candidates

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The following Questions were sent to the 7 presidential candidates. Any replies received will be posted here:

1) Would you sign into law any legislation that follows the recent Law Reform Commission proposals (HERE) that seek to undermine the current position of

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Fathers Being Pushed into the Background

Posted on August 19, 2011 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (1)

A recent article was published in the Irish Examiner HERE articulating the societal bias against fathers perpetuated by state authorities. 

The article is also availabe on Connect.ie HERE.

Read d...

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