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Socialist Party TD Clare Daly ask questions for fathers.

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Socialist Party TD Clare Daly has asked a number of questions in the Dáil on the subject of the lack of equality for fathers in relation to School Enrolments, Hospital Services, Vaccination Programme, Adoptive Leave and anomalies in Legislation.

Read the questions and replies HERE.

Socialist TD Clare Daly criticizes current Family Law system

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In an interview with Hot Press, Socialist TD Clare Daly says

"I have met many men who I believe have been seriously hard done by by the courts and by the system, as it is set up at the moment. I think there are people in the campaigns for fathers' rights who maybe don't help the cause because of the way in which they conduct themselves, but I do think there is a problem there, absolutely, that needs to be articulated".

Read excerpt HERE

VOTE No.1 for Maeve Cox

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Following receipt of a copy of the Submission by Equality For Fathers to the United Nations, independent Seanad candidate Maeve Cox replied with the following e-mail: 

Thank you for sending me on this information.

There are certain issues that, if elected to the Seanad, I will prioritise - these being suicide prevention, positive mental health promotion and championing the emigrant vote.

With regards father's rights, it is something that I absolutely agree with and believe where there are important issues at stake in a child's life, that both mothers and fathers should be consulted.

I appreciate that this is a very complex area both legally and socially and, if elected to the Seanad, would be delighted to meet with you and other representatives from your interest group to discuss the matter further and hear from all interested parties.

I would not take my role as a Senator lightly and, if upon being elected as a representative, will strive to address the issues that face Irish people.


Maeve Cox.

Equality For Fathers now asks anyone who has a vote in the forthcoming Seanad Elections to Vote Maeve Cox No.1.


Submission to the United Nations OHCHR Universal Periodic Review

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As reported in the Irish Times, the  submission HERE has been made to the United Nations Office for the High Commissioner for Human Rights:

Universal Periodic Review Ireland

Individual Submission by Equality For Fathers in Ireland

for the 12th Session of the UPR Working Group October 2011

21st March 2011

In Ireland, despite legislation conferring equality on both married parents, fathers are generally treated as secondary to mothers. This becomes more pronounced following separation or divorce.

1: Contrary to Article 2 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (1), children of separated parents are discriminated against in Ireland by not having their right respected to have both Legal Guardians act Jointly on their behalf in accordance with Section 6 of the Guardianship of Infants Act 1964 (2) . This matter has been ruled on by the Supreme Court (3) where Judge J. Walsh stated as follows:

“The main purpose of the Guardianship of Infants Act, 1964, was to give to both parents of an infant equal rights in guardianship matters. In doing so, it provided a statutory expression of the rights already guaranteed by the Constitution".

He also said

“Section 6 of the Act states the equality of the parents and recognises them as the guardians of the infant; there is nothing in any provision of the Act which purports to confer on the court or any other body the power to displace either one or both of the parents from the position of guardian or guardians”.

2: This ruling is generally ignored, with the HSE claiming that “It appears to us that this issue of including fathers in treatment options was not the norm at the time. There was no knowledge as to the rights of non-custodial parents” despite legal advice where the "HSE solicitor finds herself 'surprised and concerned that the questions of Guardianship and Custody have come up again... I have repeatedly over many years past advised the Health Board both orally and in writing on these subjects”(4).

3: Guidelines introduced (5) have not been implemented following which there was a call for policies “to be drawn up to deal with parents who separate so that fathers are not excluded and there is a need to develop services which support fathers as part of a broader strategy of promoting the wellbeing of children and families” (Kilkelly 6) This is most likely due to "the powerful dominant belief that men don't care about or for children that they can't care or won't care" (Ferguson, Hogan 7).

4: It can also be seen from a number of Equality Tribunal cases that have been heard that this discrimination against children and their fathers continues, not just within the Health Services in Ireland but also in schools (8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13)

RECOMMENDATION: Wherever consent is deemed necessary, it should be sought from both Legal Guardians.


1-   Convention on the Rights of the Child

2-   Guardianship of Infants Act 1964

3-   B vs. B 24th April 1970

4-   HSE failed to deal with guardianship rights of father

5-   Staff Guidelines for Obtaining Consent for Non Emergency Treatment/Services from Parents of                 Children and Young People Under the Age of 18 years

6-   Kilkelly-Barriers to the Realisation of Children’s Rights in Ireland, Commissioned by the                  Ombudsman for Children

7-   Strengthening Families through Fathers: Developing policy and practice in relation to vulnerable  fathers and their families Harry Ferguson, & Fergus Hogan, Centre for Social and Family Research

8-   Equality Tribunal DEC-S2006-030 - Full Case Report

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11- Equality Tribunal DEC-S2010-045 - Full Case Report

12- Equality Tribunal DEC-S2010-046 - Full Case Report

13- Equality Tribunal DEC-S2010-049 - Full Case Report


VOTE Nicholas Crawford NO.1

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When the General Election 2011 was announced, as e-mail was sent to over 300 candidates pointing out how the current system is failing fathers and how the recent Law Reform Commission proposals will make martters worse. 

A number of candidates replied but Mr. Nicholas Crawford, standing as an independent in Dun Laoire and associated with NewVision.ie is the first to respond positively.

"Rights of Married or Unmarried Parents: I believe in equal rights for all parents whether married or not. Guardianship decisions should be made jointly and both parents should be named on the birth certificate. Exceptions only in cases where a court decides otherwise is in the best interests of the child or other parent or both".

                                              Nicholas Crawford

Equality for Fathers now asks anyone who lives in this constituency and believes in fathers playing their full role as parents, with responsibilities as well as rights equal to mothers, regardless of marital status or living arrangements to vote NO.1 for Nicholas Crawford.

Visit his website HERE

Law Reform Commission Recommendations

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Following a recent case where a separated father (a Legal Guardian) was awarded €2,000 by being discriminated against by a hospital HERE (the hospital directed that he seek the records of his daughter through a solicitor after she had had an operation without his consent), another separated father (a Legal Guardian) was awarded €5,000 after a school refused to keep him informed as to his daughters absenteeism HERE.


Both of these cases occurred during the consultation process of the Law Reform Commission which has now recommended that there is no need for consultation with the 2nd parent for Guardianship matters which they would prefer would be called Parental Responsibility.


The recommendations HERE have been widely welcomed due to the political correctness of granting rights to unmarried fathers, in accordance with the UN 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). There has been NO MENTION in the media of the unconstitutionality of proposal in recommendation 4.05:

 “The Commission recommends that a general statutory requirement to consult should not be included in legislation concerning parental responsibility. The Commission recommends that the consent of all parties exercising parental responsibility be required for the purpose of consenting to irreversible non-essential medical procedures on behalf of the child”.


Not only have the Law Reform Commission made a recommendation that is repugnant to articles 41.1.1, 41.1.2 and 42.1 of Bunreacht Na hÉireann but it is quite sinister that they failed to highlight this particular recommendation in their Press Release.


The Law Reform Commission are attempting to undermine the constitutional rights of married fathers behind the smokescreen of granting automatic guardianship to unmarried fathers (who will have to share the decision making process with the partner(s) of their ex-partner along with various other relatives).


So far, the media have failed to highlight this issue.

It should be noted that every one of the legal researchers on this project were female.

Father awarded 5000 euro from school

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This dispute concerns a complaint by a separated that he was discriminated against on the gender, marital status and family status grounds by the Community School in not being provided with information and documentation he had sought with regard to his children's' progress in school.

He was sucessful in his complaint on the grounds of marital status.


Read full case HERE.

Father wins 2,000 euro over daughters operation details

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Read full article In Irish Examiner HERE in regard to this earlier POST.

Sexism in the 2010s: sharing equality

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An interesting and unusually well balanced article on gender and sexism in Ireland can be read HERE.

Hospital discriminates against father

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A separated father claimed that he was discriminated against by a hospital contrary to the Equal Status Acts in that the hospital treated him less favourably by failing to obtain his consent in operating on his daughter and in requesting him to go through a solicitor in order to obtain information relating to his daughter.

Read full decision HERE.

Read discussion HERE.


Read article HERE.